Hallo flightgear -Developers,
I have a new question about the dynamic flight model that 
improves the flight simulator for a professionial application-
When you fly in the menu: File/Browse Internal properties
you can see for example the orientation, the pitch_deg...
, the roll-deg... and so on..
I want to know where you can access this information
from a script. That script also needs this information -
this script makes an xml-output of this(and other)
values to a hexapot, where you a playing flightgear
and your chair moves for example 15 degrees to the
left for a 15 degree roll-degr. angle-
(fortunately, I have access to an  hexapot at our university
that can be controlled by XML-Files about the Movements:
X,Y,Z, Rx,Ry, Rz)
how are this informations are documented (name of
the variable in the flightgear-code or how can I
access this information by a script/programm ?
I think I must send the current values every 0,1 sec
to the hexapot and the hexapot should have this degree
like the flightgear -(we choose flightgear at our
university because it is better than MS and free)

Thanks a lot, and if you are in the south of germany,
and I know this and developed a solution with a flightgear
and a hexapot, I will invite you to a dynamic flight - 

Christian Appel


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