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> Good day,
> 1 hour and 53 minutes to be precise. 7 landings and on round trip LFBR
> - LFCG.
> My handhelp GPS was conected to my laptop.
> A tiny programme received (and recorded for replay) GPS data stream at
> 1HZ, guessed the most probable A/C attitude and sent it to Flight
> Gear. Then a modified FlightGear FDM receives the GPS data (A/C
> position, altitude and attitude guessed) and interpolates at 120 Hz
> between two GPS updates in order to have a fluid display. Flight Gear
> display was configured to have only the front outside view with a
> customized HUD.
> The result was as expected : as good as flight gear !
> I've video taped the real flight and I can replay the FGFS display.
> I'll will try to make a videomontage but it will take some time as I
> don't have any video tools on my PC. (If someone is familiar with
> video montage I can sent him my rush) I'm also afraid their will be a
> lot of information on a very small sceen : I catched the entired real
> front panel -1/3- and the outside view -2/3- to get the real horizon. 
> While playing my vdo tape back home, I noticed the real horizon was
> foggy and the real rwy was very smal while on final. Anyway, I'll try
> to do something with this tape.

..yeah, the url's missing.  ;-)

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