Lee Elliott wrote:
Hello all,

...something not too important for the TODO list perhaps...

In a/c that have one or more VC views there's a visible 'jitter' when looking at parts of the a/c, most notably in my experience, with the windshield/canopy frames.

While I can imagine that the amount is about right for light GA a/c I suspect it's too high for most of the jets - I don't actually know - I'm just guessing, but would it be tricky to make this feature tunable, on a per a/c basis, for amplitude and frequency?

Perhaps in the longer term, and possibly requiring more work, would be to be able to tie it to appropriate properties, so that it could be linked to things like engine rpm, gear rumble and stall conditions.

We would first have to eliminate this side-artifact before implementing something of our own then ...

(This is really caused by rounding errors in OpenGL/out view matrix)


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