David Megginson wrote:

There's also the danger of overengineering our airfields -- every time
I fly into a small country airport in FlightGear now, there is a giant
tower just beside the runway with a rotating beacon, lighted taxiways
(sometimes with centre lighting, which you normally see at only the
busiest hubs), and windsocks at both ends of the runway.

It's already a bit silly -- if we started adding auto-generated
distance-remaining signs (something I've never seen at any of the real
airports I fly to), it might start getting ridiculous. This is not
meant to put down the work, though -- when airports have these in real
life, we should aim to include them in FlightGear. First, however, we
need to start toning things down a bit.

These are all based on Robin's database which explicitely requests/positions these sorts of things. They can be turned off in the database if they don't exist in reality, or they can be moved to their actual location, etc. etc. Just send the updates to Robin Peel, etc. etc. etc. etc. They might show up in a future update someday ... :-(


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