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Frederic Bouvier wrote:

I am looking for the effect created by submodels and I still haven't saw one. The line in system_mgr.cxx is uncommented and I started with the f16 (--aircraft=f16 )

Now, what I am supposed to see. According to the f16-set.xml
file, Ctrl-F is supposed to trigger flares, but when sat
on the runway in external view, I can't see any when hitting Ctrl-F.

A flare should be released at the left-backwards side of the model. Sometimes you need to hold ctrl+f a bit longer to see a release.

Has it been written somewhere that ai models must be enabled ( --enable-ai-models ) ?

Ah, correct. Curtis disabled it for the previous release (and it was never enabled again).

now I see flares when I hit ctrl-f but all 40 are released in a row. The property systems/submodels/submodel[0]/flare-release stay true after releasing the key.

That is a bit how flare releases are in combat aircraft. There is really no time to do every release by hand. Although normally you will have to set the number of releases beforehand.

last, the second submodel, the contrail, is triggered by systems/submodels/submodel[0]/smoke . Perhaps systems/submodels/submodel[1]/smoke would be better ?

Yeah well, it's still just a demonstration.


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