> It wouldn't be all that difficult to make an AVI movie by extending
> jpeg "factory" to "avi" factory with libavi
Well, for now, I finished the Flight Gear Playback movie of LFBR landing.
It's available for download through FTP for the next couple of hours with my
current  IP
Login : FlightGear (case sensitive)
Password : guest

ftp://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/LFBR_Landing_Real.AVI  (82.1 Mo)
ftp://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/LFBR_Landing_FG.AVI  (18.3 Mo)

Please note there is no post processing of the GPS data. What we see in
hereabove FG playback is what I saw on my PC during the real flight with a
1Hz GPS datastream. What I mean here is that we can improve significantly a
real flight playback with post processing (filtering, etc...) The problem
with filtering during real flight is that it generates latencies (and 1 sec
GPS latency is already a lot for attitude display)
The altitude jumps we notice near the ground are due to the low GPS altitude
accuracy (and not to related to my friend landing ability ;-)


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