Boris Koenig wrote:
Hi !

Two things:

1)    I would like to be able to display a simple text string at
    runtime in the upper left corner of the screen using
    Nasal (in order to display simple in-flight information).

    I could imagine that something like this already exists, i.e.
    for displaying ATIS or traffic information during flight, is
    there a specific node within the property tree available to
    set such a "message" item dynamically so that's then displayed
    automatically ?

I don't think it exists at the moment.

    That way one could easily use Nasal to display runtime info,
    one could also use such a feature to indicate things like that
    the game's been paused (which is currently not being displayed)
    And I hardly dare to ask: if such an item doesn't yet exist,
    would anybody mind such an addition ?

Nope. Sounds fine to me.

2)    And: Is it possible to load a Nasal file while the game is
    running and execute it then ? I don't think there's any
    documented way to do it-a corresponding menu item certainly
    doesn't yet exist ;-) - at least I haven't seen anything
    like that, basically I would like certain scripts to be
    available/executed on demand, and not automatically be
    loaded/executed  each time at startup (Nasal subfolder),
    that way it would be also easier to have multiple configurations

In theory it should not be too hard to add this, but I don't think it is available already.


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