On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 08:21:47PM +0000, Martin Spott wrote:
> According to what I've seen (partly from very nearby) helicopter pilots
> use to start their turbines with the transmission already clutched to
> the engine.

I fly regularly with helicopters (just 4 days ago with an AB212), but
unfortunately I don't usually pay much attention to this. Mostly
they do pick me up with running engines and rotors. I remember,
though, that an AB204 pilot started the engine first, and *then*
clutched the rotor -- not at 100% engine power, of course. Also,
one of the best helicopter sims (SAR II demo; not v1 or v3, both
of which are crap) did it that way. Anyway, as I'm no helicopter
pilot, I'll better ask a RL Bo105 pilot and adapt the Nasal-fake
startup procedure accordingly.

> The 'faked' engine startup process doesn't look that bad. I simply
> wonder why you didn't sync rotor acceleration to it. To be honest: I
> don't understand how you managed to separate the two ....

Because I do think that the engines should be started first.
And because the YASim rotor code doesn't allow to control
the rotor RPM. The acceleration from 0 to the hard-coded
RPM is done by the FDM. I'm still waiting for someone who
is able and willing to finish the half-done helcopter
FDM. I'm just willing, but unable.  :-]


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