On 9/13/04 at 10:16 AM Boris Koenig wrote:

>Hi !
>Two things:
>1)     I would like to be able to display a simple text string at
>       runtime in the upper left corner of the screen using
>       Nasal (in order to display simple in-flight information).
>       I could imagine that something like this already exists, i.e.
>       for displaying ATIS or traffic information during flight, is
>       there a specific node within the property tree available to
>       set such a "message" item dynamically so that's then displayed
>       automatically ?

No, the ATIS and ATC messages are displayed by FGATCDisplay, in
src/ATC/ATCdisplay.[ch]xx.  This is fairly cludgy code, liable to change on
my whim (since currently no-one else uses it), and more importantly, only
available if ATC is enabled.  It is run by calling 'conventional' class
functions, not by setting property tree values.

>       That way one could easily use Nasal to display runtime info,
>       one could also use such a feature to indicate things like that
>       the game's been paused (which is currently not being displayed)

Norman did use exactly this (the atc display) to display a 'sim is paused'
message once IIRC, but that got removed I think.  I guess if you wanted
something to get you going for now you could easily write a command binding
to the ATC display and hence use it with Nasal, but I wouldn't rely on it
in the long term.  I was considering displaying ATC messages in pui
dialogs, but am not sure if they can be kept on-top persistantly without
blocking user input to the rest of FlightGear.  The current code can be
very hard to read depending on the colour of the background, although I
suppose an arbitrary background colour could be drawn behind the text.

Cheers - Dave

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