Curtis L. Olson wrote:

Derek Bridges wrote:

Does anyone know how if (and how) FlightGear (in
general, but I'm running 0.9.4) can use OpenFlight
(*.flt) files as terrain?  I'm asking for someone else
who has *.flt files produced using MultiGen Terrain
Studio.  I can see that PLIB can read *.flt files, but
I don't know if that's only for models (like
buildings) or if can also be used for terrain.

I'm doing something similar except in reverse--outputting FlightGear scenery for use on the SPX-200 (Evans & Sutherland).

Here's one thing you could try just for fun ... if you models are in a X/Y=horizontal, Z=up coordinate system, try this:

1. Figure out the lon/lat/elev that corresponds to the 0,0,0 point of your terrain model.

2. Find the right .stg file for this lon/lat.

3. Add an entry to the .stg file that references your terrain model.

4. You probably want to remove any entries that references the FG terrain and airports.

I'm using FlightGear Scenery Designer ( with a modified SimGear write_bin(). This may be helpful just to see if the read_bin() works after you've modified the .stg, then use fgfs to see how it really works after you've sorted out the details.

covers a large area. And you may have problems if your terrain is divided up into chunks and you want them to match seamlessly at the edges.



I've actually got our modeling station to read and compile the generated scenery (thanks to Fred). Now all I have left to do is reduce the polygon count (which I've nearly completed) and then transform the results into a flat model as Curt described. Then I can test it on the simulator...


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