Erik Hofman wrote:
>This is doe to the reflection of the sun on the particles. To change
>that you will have to set the reflective color of the vertex to 0.0 and
>the ambient and diffuse colors very close to each other (say 0.49 for
>ambient and 0.51 for diffuse).

Yes, it works right now. The texture appears from all the views.

>There are multiple ways for a billboard to behave, most common are
>spherical (the object always faces the viewer with the same side up) and
>cylindrical (the object always faces the viewer but the upward pointer
>is aligned with the scenery all the time, useful for trees for example).

>For particles you will need to make sure it behaves spherical.

I understand what you mean but in the code there isn't such an option about
this. Simply, the matrix that defines the position of the particle is multiplied
by the matrix that defins, I suppose, the position of the viewer (using
GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX). So I think that the problem is the latter matrix,
that I guess it's not istantiated. I'll try to write another function that gets
from the FGViewer class the position of the user and use it instead of

About FGViewer...
I've already seen this class and there's a lot of getters that return
the position in cartesian coords, but I don't know which is the right one.

Which is the real difference between the following methods (they return a float*):

I don't understand it from the comments... :-(

and... if get_VIEW returns a matrix, could I use it as is?


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