Jon Stockill wrote:

On a similar toolchain related theme, I just upgraded a machine here to slackware 10.0, which uses autoconf-2.59 and automake-1.8.5, which caused all sorts of problems when attempting to compile current cvs versions of simgear and flightgear. Rolling back to autoconf-2.57 and automake-1.7.7 fixed the problem. If it's something we should be fixing at our end then I'll upgrade again and get more details, if it's an autoconf/automake problem then I'll just hold off on the upgrade until I know it's fixed.

If you keep receiving errors/warnings about "underquoted definitions" in M4 macros, it's most likely really pretty much the same thing as with gcc: the autotools folks intend to become much pickier, too - so, in that case it's not really a FG issue but rather the new versions enthusiastically complain about macros that their old counterparts happily accept - so that kind of issues does not occur if you aren't "up to date" :-)

If I remember correctly, there was also some info about that on the
autotools page.


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