On Friday 17 September 2004 17:30, Jon Stockill wrote:
> Boris Koenig wrote:
> > If you keep receiving errors/warnings about "underquoted definitions" in
> > M4 macros, it's most likely really pretty much the same thing as with
> > gcc: the autotools folks intend to become much pickier, too - so, in
> > that case it's not really a FG issue but rather the new versions
> > enthusiastically complain about macros that their old counterparts
> > happily accept - so that kind of issues does not occur if you aren't
> > "up to date" :-)
> That's exactly what I got. It was severe enough to prevent it from doing
> its job though, which is why I downgraded.

Downgrading is not necessary, you just need to delete some files
that where generated by the old autotools.
After that FlightGear and Simgear compile without errors on Slackware 10 with 
the new autotools.
It only gives some warning messages, but you can ignore them,

Take also a look in the mailinglist archive, i had the same problems before
there you can read how i solved it exactly.

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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