The last month or so I've been working with adding synthetic speech and
voice recognition to my 747 project. The results have been quite good;
unfortunately it's kind of hard to demonstrate or display the results.

Jim Brennan is preparing a corpus of messages and ATC phrases which will be
used to create a LM (Language Model) for speech recognition and the
synthetic speech voices come from a variety of sources -- most notably, the
FestVox folks at CMU, MBROLA, and the OGI-Festival project at CSLU.

Both the ASR program and TTS program can run as applications (foreground or
background) on a single machine interfacing with FG via the loopback IP
address or on additional machines connected via a LAN.

Just wondering if there is any interest in adding this capability to FG.
About all that is required is a socket-type (IPC) interface to send the text
string to the TTS application in the specified wrapper, and the TTS program
(Festival) running in server mode to create an audio signal.

In addition to interactive inputs, the TTS program will receive comm traffic
from other AI controllers that produce communications with other model
entities active in the simulation.

Installing, compiling, and configuring the TTS and ASR packages requires a
little work, but it's not brain surgery. Both packages are open-source and
available (see http://linux-sound.org/speech.html for some sources).  The
real body of work is in the code and logic to create the AI controller(s)
that can respond to a real, live, unstructured input.

John W.

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