Thanks again for your last answer, it was indeed very precise and
helpful - but I'm not yet even getting back to the last reply,
rather I'm facing a new problem and wanted to ask you for your
feedback - I have got the following scenario:

I don't seem to be able to access a method like
from an object defined in another module, even though I _think_ ;-)
I'm doing the right thing, basically that is:

two ".nas"-files stored in /Nasal/ whose contents will be made
available as modules within Nasal.

Now both of these contain objects, for example:


        bla = {};
        bla.method = func {

        print "test1.bla.method() was called");


Now the other file:


        foo = {};
        foo.method = func {

        #Now I want to call test1.bla.method()



The call to test1.bla.method(); does not seem to work though, hence I thought this might something like a namespace issue in C++ - do I have to use a special notation in this nested example in order to actually call the required function ?

Maybe, it's something terribly obvious ...

Thanks !

(wow, one of my shortest messages !)


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