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> > Hmm... It's just occurred to me that although my cvs is up to
> > date, I haven't 
> > copied over the base package data for a couple of days - is 
> > there anything in 
> > there that could be causing this problem?  I've got to go out 
> > now but I'll 
> > try copying over the latest data too, when I get back.
> > 
> > LeeE
> > 
> It's just occurred to me that I'm using my local version, so 
> it's possible that I haven't asked Erik to upload one of the 
> multitude of files it requires to alter one parameter, or 
> there's something wrong with the files I sent in. It's 
> definitely OK here with your model. I'll check. There's 
> nothing in the base package.
> BTW negative velocities don't work, otherwise drag would 
> cause things to run backwards. If you want submodels to move 
> to the rear apply a +ve speed with 180 yaw offset.
> Bone dome is easy - there's a Mk1A in the Hunter models. Feel 
> free to use it. There's no under-helmet right now - on my 
> to-do list. You'll need the visor as well.


Blown that theory. I've just downloaded and recompiled. The Red Beard does
what it should. I've made it go up, down, forward, back

Buoyancy (sp ?) etc. all work. Try Buoyancy = 32 and eda = 0 (eda = 1 is the
non-op), and you'll see that the parent velocities are transferred to the

I can't think of anything else to suggest.



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