Boris Koenig wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:

Boris Koenig wrote:

where else exported within the property tree, or is it simply not
yet there ?

It's not there, and it probably never will be.

woohoo - don't say that: I was just about to make a terrible mess of the code ;-)

No need, that has already been done. It turned out to be unsatisfactory after all.

The reason is simple, you would store too much data resident in memory which isn't needed more than 99% of the time.

okay, that's of course a point - otherwise it would definitely be useful if one could request certain nav-data to be made available within the property tree on demand, what do you think ?

Alternatively, I was thinking of either using a separate fgcommand that
pushes the data in the property tree when requested - so one would
basically still have something like:


But it would only be an empty node, that would only be filled on demand
with the return value of a fgcommand that makes a certain request.
How about that ?

What would be an idea is to use an fgcommand that looks at (for example) /sim/navdb/id and returns the data of that particular id in /sim/navdb/vor et all.

I would also like to add support for puPopup's as well
as exporting the menubar to the property tree - so that
it can be populated/changed dynamically - any objections ?

Popup dialogs should already be supported. Generating a dynamic menu structure might be harder than you think, the best option is a triggered reload I guess (which is already supported, see Debug->Reload GUI).



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