Erik Hofman writes:
> Boris Koenig wrote:
> > 
> > A quick question: I'm about to finish several smaller Nasal dialogs,
> > now I wanted to add a simple flight planning dialog using Nasal,
> > I thought I would find the necessary elements for the combo boxes
> > under /sim/navdb within the property tree, but there does not seem to
> > exist anything that I expected - is the data from the navaids file
> > anywhere else exported within the property tree, or is it simply not
> > yet there ?
> It's not there, and it probably never will be.
> The reason is simple, you would store too much data resident in memory 
> which isn't needed more than 99% of the time.

Hmm... a simple disk based database indexed by a new field 
which was the tile id of the object should be plenty quick enough
for this type of thing with out to much of a memory hit

Searches would then only need be made for those tiles of interest
which would be dramatically faster then searching the 'world'

One might get better results using a more sophisticated index such
as a dedicated RTree if necessary but a tile based scheme would
fit nicely with the existing 'indexing'

Then again the current DB is about the size of the highres textures
so my guess is that until the DB is significantly upgraded it could
just be placed into memory 
< you would still want some kind of spatial indexing though >


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