Jim Wilson writes:
> Norman Vine said:
> > > 
> > Hmm... a simple disk based database indexed by a new field 
> > which was the tile id of the object should be plenty quick enough
> > for this type of thing with out to much of a memory hit
> > 
> > Searches would then only need be made for those tiles of interest
> > which would be dramatically faster then searching the 'world'

> It would be kind of cool to be able to have a property system wrapper for data
> files like this, that swapped the interesting parts in and out as needed.  The
> "indexing" could be designed to optimise this, for each type of layout.

My guess is that once the tile-id field was added to the DB then most
of the existing background scenery paging mechanism would work as 
is for the in memory part of the DB as just another 'task' for the thread



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