I'm trying to create a new view which is supposed to be a camera
fixed under the Cesna at the body. So far it looks like this:
  <name>Camera View</camera>
  <internal type="bool">false</internal>
    <from-model type="bool">true</from-model>
    <from-model-idx type="int">0</from-model>
    <ground-level-nearplane-m type="double">0.2f</ground-level-nearplane-m>
    <x-offset type="double">0<x-offset>
    <y-offset type="double">-1<y-offset>
    <z-offset type="double">0<z-offset>

So far so good... now I'm trying to change the pitch and heading defaults
of that camera. I've tried <eye-*-*-path> and <default-*-deg> but none of those
seems to have any effect...
What am I doing wrong?


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