Erik Hofman wrote:
Boris Koenig wrote:

Because of this obvious advantage (particularly for users with slow
dial-up connections, but also for those among us who have broadband
access, but don't like to wait... ) we would now like to know what
the rest of you thinks about adding those tardiff based patches as an OFFICIAL alternative *directly* to the FlightGear webpage as option to
the downloads section for FlightGear's most recent base packages.

I find it a useful addition for modem users, but my only concern is that it will increase the number complaints about something not working while in fact their base package is somehow "corrupted".

We have now agreed to publish future patches only with a thorough previous check - and I've just tested the current patches: there don't seem to be any problems so far - so provided a patch can be applied without read/write access problems within the file system, it should not cause any new troubles.

In order to ascertain patch file integrity we're also going to
use the patches ourselves - instead of using the standard
download, regardless of an available broadband connection or not ;-)

So it's certainly worth to be mentioned on the webpage for upcoming
releases as an alternative for those users with a slow/expensive
connection - there can always be the remark added, that it is actually
recommended to upgrade by downloading the entire new base package, and
people who are having issues with a patched version should mention this,
respectively FIRST try to resolve the issue by doing the
conventional upgrade - that way you could reduce the risk of people
asking for support because of patched base-package versions.

But there's another thing in this context - it's about the VERSION file
in $FG_ROOT/data not containing pre-release tags, I think Jim Wilson
mentioned a couple of weeks ago that this is supposed to be like that,
this however causes a problem for those users who want to apply a patch
for their corresponding fgfs-base version: in order to make the
process really idiot-proof it would be very helpful if you guys could
either decide whether to add pre-release tags to the version file, OR
alternatively provide an additionaly file like "PRE-TAG", "REVISION"
or whatever, where always a packaqe's exact version, can be found.

So that we can ultimately recommend to do something like:

        cat $FG_ROOT/data/VERSION


        cat $FG_ROOT/data/VERSION $FG_ROOT/data/PRE-TAG

(using 'type' for the windows folks accordingly)

---------- Boris

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