Mat Churchill wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:

So now you are going to provide me with all kinds of pretty >pictures

which can be used to create textures?

I'm certainly planning exactly this, have been messing around with low
budget aerial photography. This device (MK1, now on MK3)


Planning on a nice distributable bit of photo scenery for FG, though
have only done two test runs as weather has been V bad for a couple of

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but has anybody ever really *tried* to ask companies that sell satellite imagery on CD-ROM for their permission to use derived work (=> FG textures) freely in an opensource project ?

As long as not the actual product itself can be re-created from the
derived textures, it should not be SUCH an issue, to allow an opensource
project to use that kind of data, maybe one could in exchange offer them
to mention them in some kind of "supporters" dialog within FlightGear
or anything like that (which brings us back to the ads discussion ...)

Even if it meant that one would have to buy ONE set of data CDs ;-)

---------- Boris

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