Erik Hofman writes:
> Boris Koenig wrote:
> > Also, I as an additional feature I was thinking of adding
> > the funcitonality to "auto-hide" the menu after a pre-defined
> > amount of time, so that it disappears automatically if the
> > mouse is not in that area, and appears again when I move the
> > mouse to the upper screen area.
> This code should be available already somewhere.
> Norman??

I was doing this for the Windows version before the XML'ification
of the GUI and think I submitted code todo this with the new system 
at  one time with the current system but .... .  
anyway my code is now long gone

It should still be simple enough todo though

The 'check' will want to be made inside of
$(FG_SRC)/src/input/input.cxx::FGInput::doMouseMotion (int x, int y)


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