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On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:58:16 +0100, Mat wrote in message

I have been asking Getmapping if it is permissible use for people to
buy their CDs and then use the exported image in FG in a personal
flight sim.

..wrong question; IMHO you should have said "_GPL_ flight sim." With
"personal", "open source", "freedom" etc thrown in for good measure to get him hooked. They have allowed "freebee personal but closed
source use", which isn't too useful for GPL Flightgear development.

I think the question in itself is not even 'wrong' it rather resembles the low expectations of the person who asked ;-)

And I can understand that point, too - ultimately it doesn't feel
that good to ask for a freebie ;-)

He rightfully didn't ask for a freebie. After all it's a commercial product created by thousands and thousands ours of real flights to photograph the whole of the UK.

if you take another a look at my posting, you'll notice that I understand that point very well :-)

I was just replying to Arnt's comment, that seemed to recommend asking
for a GPL'ed 'freebie', respectively the permission to purchase their
data and use the created scenery then for future FlightGear releases (?)

What he did ask however is if it would be possible for someone to *buy* their CD and use it for personal use in FlightGear, which is granted.

right, I agree it's nice to KNOW that you are *allowed* to do it, otherwise only few people would really ever care to ask at all, particularly if you purchased the application anyway and don't intend to publish/package anything, but rather want to use the stuff privately ...

There's a German saying: "no reason to feel offended if you don't
know about it" ;-)

And I'm not even saying that I generally share that attitude, but it
actually shows that this is about a PERMISSION to use something that
you have already purchased - not really an entirely new possibility,
okay maybe a 'legal' one :-)

This is really great from the publishers and should be taken for granted!

...not... ?

I agree, it is indeed a nice gesture to be officially allowed to use
their data privately with FG - Even though I don't know what the stuff
costs, otherwise you are of course right and one should think about
mentioning that possibility and a corresponding HOWTO to the webpage.

Maybe Mat can provide some insight about the price of the data and
the process to convert the data to FG textures ?

Anyway, I am going to give this also a shot and contact some companies that provide aerial/satellite image data, could anybody here provide the details concerning the requirements that need to be met for an image to be suitable to be used as a texture for FlightGear ?


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