Horst J. Wobig wrote:

Jon Stockill wrote:

If you combine calc-tile.pl and find-elevation.pl the end result is something rather useful. Feed a list like this:

(1) I'm just making a few perl modules and I would like to use the coding in "calc-tile.pl". Is this ok???

That's not my code - it can be cound in the flightgear scripts directory, therefore is at least GPL, possibly even public domain.

(2) Is it possible to store the elevation for objects in stg files
*relative* to ground level at a given longitude/latitude?
I looked at tileentry.cxx, but I'm not familiar enough with
the FG sources/internals to say how this could be done.

The elevation in the stg files is relative to the spheroid, which is why I needed the telnet.pl code to connect to a running flightgear instance to get local ground level. It would be possible to support an offset from ground level with the script I have, although I've not yet found a need for it yet.

Jon Stockill

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