Martin Spott wrote:
Boris Koenig wrote:

The mentioned sourceforge projects are certainly not "popular",
if I remember correctly, only one of these does  actually interface
with the existing ivao/vatsim infrastructure, [...]

BTW, do you know enough about these two networks to provide a short
summary. I know the people at our flight school use VATSIM for their
fun rides but I don't have any idea if it has any advantage over IVAO,

Well, to be honest I don't know either of these networks *really*, it's just that friends of mine are into that ATC thing, so I happen to have installed/set up the stuff for them, once I even started it myself in order to see "where's the fun stuff" - but actually it seemed quite boring, so maybe that was simply a bad day or I'm simply too easily bored ;-)

But on the other hand you  really need to read a lot of stuff to be
familiar with the UI, both VATSIM and IVAO provide tutorials, that
take hours to work through ...

And knowing the procedures is still a whole different thing.

So, my motivation was certainly a bit 'questionable' :-)

But having watched people who really do this as a "hobby", it
seems like there's a lot of professionalism involved, certainly
also because really many REAL LIFE controllers (or at least
those that are in ATC *training*) like to practice this way ...

So, that's also the moviation of a friend of mine - training
multi-tasking for the final job, without risking anything :-)

But back to your original question, while I cannot answer it
personally this seems to be a pretty 'religious' issue to
those VATSIM/IVAO folks, you can find numerous 'flame wars' online,
either in forums or via usenet, just check google:

That would already be the requested "comparison" topic - telling from
your name you are probably German, too - so you should not have any
trouble if I save my time and don't translate all that stuff ;-)

But there's more about that:

And even some stuff for our English-speaking readers: :-)

And there are many more hits regarding the IVAO vs. VATSIM debate.

Personally, I consider this ridiculous: combining their efforts and
creating ONE BIG network would benefit EVERYBODY - everything would
be perfect if they could also initiate opensource development of a
COMMON protocol that is NOT specific to a particular OS or even
flight simulator ...

---------- Boris

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