Hi !

I have just received a reply from IVAO's 'chief developer' -
as soon as he says that it's okay to post his reply to this
list, I'm going to post the full text.

However, in summary: they would support an opensource client
for their network, PROVIDED that their rules are respected,
***BUT*** they DO NOT want to publish their protocol specs,
because of security issues they had in the past, so what
they're trying to do is to provide security by hiding the
details of the exact implementation (pretty Micro$oft-like).

I _interpreted_ their reply like that: they would provide
a binary library that we could link 'our' client/FG to.

But the protocol would still be theirs, and not known
to us.

I have responded saying, that we would actually prefer
having access to some kind of protocol spec ...

Additionally, I have recommended to get some discussion
going, with several people involved - to see whether
there can be any compromises made.

--------- Boris

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