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> Richard just informed me that I posted the wrong link ...
> I downloaded the oldest version that I could find :-)
> The new one seems even to be configured using XML files.
> So, this one should be the latest:
> http://www.theforest.plus.com/software/xatc-1.3b.tar.gz
> Also, like I just told Richard - I've posted a short
> inquiry in the forums for vatsim/ivao, unfortunately
> both seem to be just about to release a new version
> of their controller applications, while ivao run their
> own "software departments" with a fair amount of
> developers:
> http://www.ivao.org/../staff/department.asp?Id=o
> http://forum.ivao.org/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4715
> VATSIM seems to have delegated software development to
> http://www.vatsim.net/entrance.html
> http://news.simflight.com/cgi-bin/dnewsweb?cmd=article&group=simflight.vatsim&item=19442&utag=
> Both of these networks don't seem to be really interested
> in cross-platform development, so I really wonder whether
> these new versions will mean that the protocol is also
> going to change anytime soon...

..which lands us back to define our own.  ;-)

..keep in mind, one of the reasons interoperation fails, is they keep
their protocols secret.

..also remember there are many game sims out there, say Warbird, and
some of these use secret protocols to have people pay for game access.

..other people reverse engineer these protocols, setup "free" 
servers but keep their source closed, such as wbfree.net .
Apart from possibly the game fun, it is not clear to me "what's 
in it" for wbfree, it certainly is possiible to make use of such 
closed source schemes as, say, spammer infrastructure.

..with a published "game server" protocol, we make these people either
adopt our open protocol, or risk scaring away their gamers business on,
say, "the uncertainty of closed source as spammer infrastructure."  ;-)

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt... ;-)
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
  Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
  best case, worst case, and just in case.

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