Hi all,
it is a wonderful idea to improve FlightGear with satellite image derived
textures, SRTM elevation data and a new grafic-engine as Manuel Massing
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> suggested.
I use commercial data since a long time (DSat5) for FLY!II and X-Plane but
as license agreements forbid giving it to the community I worked with
low-res Landsat 7 data (and SRTM elevation data) and developed tools (Win32,
Delphi) for improving picture quality, cutting and easy import into FLYII.
Low-res satellite textures are an improvement to more reality-feeling but
there are big limitations, too. Therefore I made a short demonstration what
you can expect from 30m/pix (Bremen/Bremerhaven) and improved 30m/pix
(Aosta) Landsat 7 data.


These screenshots are rather old and made for other purposes. But you may
see the limits of these low-res satellite data. They are good as a very
realistic background but you loose important landmarks (smaller streets,
railway-tracks, smaller rivers ..). As the actual FlightGear scenery is not
bad for VFR flights (low altitude) I would suggest that low-res satellite
pics could serve as some background-texture with high reality effect and
some of the actual data-set (streets, railways, runways, power-lines ...)
are drawn on top of the satellite picture (must be synchronized). Combined
with SRTM this would be a really great improvement.

"HeliFLYer" Georg Vollnhals, Bremen, Germany

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