Georg Vollnhals wrote:
I use commercial data since a long time (DSat5) for FLY!II and X-Plane but
as license agreements forbid giving it to the community I worked with
low-res Landsat 7 data (and SRTM elevation data) and developed tools (Win32,
Delphi) for improving picture quality, cutting and easy import into FLYII.

Georg, a couple of days ago I posted a short comment about the latest version of "D-SAT", where the normal version is available for about $ 40 US and another 'business version' for about $100 US:

The (German) description for the second version explicitly states the
"right to export" images and use them 'commercially'.

So, I wasn't that sure whether it can be used for FG textures, or
not ...

I was going to ask them about that possibility within the next
days, what I personally consider even much more interesting
than the possible 'permission to use their PURCHASED software to
create PRIVATE textures FOR YOUR OWN USE' would be about the
part 'you're entitled to use it commercially' - because ultimately
one could interpret this as if I am allowed to:

        1) purchase the software, obtain all rights
        2) export images
        3) use them  commercially
        4) create textures - DERIVED from the exported images
        5) "sell" my textures for $ 0.00001 US per set of textures ;-)

Even more interesting, the resolution: 45 cm/pixel or about 18 inch/pixel, if I remember correctly.


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