Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
I have only read the first few posts, but I am already seeing a problem here: people seem to think that Flightgear only supports .ac3d for models. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

yes, I remember plib supporting various models ...

But it's about "convenience", I think: Micro$oft makes
all that stuff easily available (meanwhile) - so if
you install MS FS 2004, X-Plane or some other simulator
you simply GET the tools that are necessary, often some
documentation about how to do it, too.

One can download a version of GMax (the same 3D modelling tool that is used for designing models for Microsoft's Flight Simulators), work on 3D models, than export them into .3ds format which FlightGear will accept.

I was going to sign up on that forum anway, so I would not mind to post any clarifications that come up here :-)

On the other hand, there are certainly many aircraft designers
that would not mind making their models available for FG-use,too -
so, browsing repositories like AVSIM certainly brings up MANY
models, the most interesting ones - and those that are supported
by FG, should probably be easily added, the "FDM'ing" is a different
matter, though ...

We really need to educate potential users that there are alternate methods for designing models for FlightGear other than the usual AC3D/blender approach.

does the python script for blender -> ac3d meanwhile support removing the (unrecognized) 'crease' statement, or is plib patched to ignore it ?

-------- Boris

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