Hi Boris,

though the price of 100 EUR/$ might be rather fair one should look for other
limitations which are not obvious. I don't know the latest D-Sat version but
in D-Sat 5 you have that export function for private use for MS-Flightsim
(which I used to get the pics out, combined them and get the lat-lon-data
for the corners). That sounds really good, but although it is limited for
private use, there are a lot of hidden limitations
- the area size for export with highest resolution is limited (you have to
find your own way)
- the given lat-lon coordinates of the corners are rather unprecise (you
have to correct. This makes it impossible to adapt some of those BIG
pictures automized (at least for me. I wasted a lot of hours searching bugs
in my programm until I found out where the "bug" is. You have to do it
manually, very time-consuming.)
- the picture quality of the exported pics is limited (you notice if you
export with highest resolution and compare with the screen-output of D-Sat5)
- outside the big cities you have satellite-pics with limited resolution and
rather bad colours (might be changed with Ver 6)
- I am not sure they use WSG84 projection for output (bigger areas: if you
match one runway at one corner you loose exact position of a runway at the
other corner).
- This is for D-Sat5, don't know D-Sat6
- For the prof version you should ask whether the size of the area/pics one
can use "commercially" is limited by license.

After all, 1 1/2 year ago, when my work started, I was very enthusiastic
about satellite textures. My opinion has changed. Until you get a very high
resolution neatless for very big areas it is unsatisfying. The better
alternatives could be using low-res satellite pics (as Landsat7) to derive
information from it: a very precise "water-mask" (the way FLY! CAN display
water areas independent from textures, if you make a mask), "land-use" (the
way MSFS Flightsim IS ABLE to display CUSTOM(!!!) information about
displaying irregular shaped landuse from big downto very small areas by
using a lot of different high-res standard textures, if you look at AVSIM
you'll find out that they use Landsat7 pics that way), part of the basic
FlightGear dataset (streets, railways ..) and important obstacles and
objects (USER created).

This is just a fictional idea for FlightGear but the way how existing
flight-sims do it (not bad).
And it is NOT an argument against Manuel's work and suggestions - let's see
how the result is, another grafic engine with SRTM is not bad. And I'm too
go on working with Landsat as I cannot change the grafic engine of FLY!II
which is rather obsolete und without further development - FlightGear has a
better chance!

Georg "HeliFLYer" EDDW

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