On Saturday 25 September 2004 06:18, Georg Vollnhals wrote:
> Hi all,
> it is a wonderful idea to improve FlightGear with satellite image derived
> textures, SRTM elevation data and a new grafic-engine as Manuel Massing
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> suggested.
> I use commercial data since a long time (DSat5) for FLY!II and X-Plane but
> as license agreements forbid giving it to the community I worked with
> low-res Landsat 7 data (and SRTM elevation data) and developed tools
> (Win32, Delphi) for improving picture quality, cutting and easy import into
> FLYII. Low-res satellite textures are an improvement to more
> reality-feeling but there are big limitations, too. Therefore I made a
> short demonstration what you can expect from 30m/pix (Bremen/Bremerhaven)
> and improved 30m/pix (Aosta) Landsat 7 data.

One  question, how did you do the color correction when merging
the three visual  channels (1 blue,2 green and 3 red) of the Landsat data 
together to get one real looking RGB truecolor picture?
I allways get false color pictures.
Do you know any tools that do the color correction automatically?

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.


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