I'm making reasonable progress on the navaids positioning - it should be
possible to distribute an objects tree which just adds them to the existing scenery downloads, and since they reference the same models again and again they compress very well.

You can see a couple of example pictures at the bottom of this page:


And if anyone wants to try it out, the objects tree for w010n50 and e000n50 can be found here:


(It's <40kb)

So far ndb's use a model I quickly hacked together, VORs use
Models/Structures/vordme.xml, anything ils related uses
Models/Airport/ils.xml, markers currently use Models/Airport/beacon.xml - not really appropriate, but I wanted to check they were in the right place, and "type 12" uses Models/Structures/vordme.xml unless the description includes TACAN, in which case Models/Airport/tacan.xml is used instead.

We'll need seperate localiser & gs models, a proper ndb model, and
outer/middle/inner markers, but it already gives you more to look at around the airports.

Jon Stockill

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