Manuel Massing wrote:

I am not sure, but maybe we would also need special handling for runways,
to handle incosistencys between terrain and runway elevation, or irregular
terrain underneath the runway.

If parts of the corresponding source code should be reviewed/adapted, it would be nice to see a separation taking place, between the actual SCENERY and the airports - I mentioned this some time ago:

This is the approach that X-Plane takes: the scenery is OPTIONAL,
but even WITHOUT ANY scenery the airports are still being displayed
correctly - so, each airport's data, including navaids and runways
isn't (only) defined within the OPTIONAL scenery, but rather the data
is used to assemble standard scenery for each airport ON DEMAND, i.e.
based on the runway alignment.

So, there would be no need to really install any scenery at all
if you simply want to fly to an airport that's not in your
usual flying area - if you only want to practice a particular


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