Boris Koenig wrote:

However, there are two new issues:

1) While it wasn't a real problem to use easyxml.cxx's "readXML"
to simply copy  a XML file's structure to a particular node
within the property tree, there doesn't seem to exist a
similar wrapper for WRITING XML files within easyxml.cxx -
something like writeXML :-)

Well, there is a writeProperties() function next to readProperties function in SimGear/simgear/props/props_io.cxx. If nothing else these functions could be copied or abused to do what you are looking for.

2) While I as able to place a simple fgcommand within
the fg_command.cxx file and added it to the array of
commands at the end of the file, my impression is
that I can only pass ONE parameter to any FGCOMMAND ?

Yep, thats the _root_ node of the property subtree you will be working on.


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