Martin Spott wrote:
Martin Spott wrote:

This patch is great - it works and it significantly increases the frame
rate on a simple Linux-PC (old 600 MHz PentiumIII with Radeon9200) from
4-5 to 7-8 fps on the default location,

With the recent display list changes things now settle at stable 10
fps. I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who participated in this
tremendous improvement(s) !

crease + display list = WOW!

I've gone from 3-4FPS at KSFO in the C172 to a rock solid 12 - this seems to be limited by the instruments, because turning the view, or selecting an external view gets 25-35, even with all those models around. I've NEVER seen FlightGear run so smoothly.

The fact that a forward cockpit view is so stable (it doesn't matter how many models you point the aircraft at) makes landings at KSFO really smooth, where they used to be almost impossible before because the frame rate was so unpredictable.

Thanks to all who contributed.

Jon Stockill

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