TaxiDraw-0.2 is now released.  This is a major new version - all users
should upgrade.  Get it from:

The documentation at the above page has also been updated.

Additionally, data files from TaxiDraw can now be submitted to myself
(david dot luff at nottingham dot ac dot uk) and I will make them available
on the TaxiDraw website, and forward them on to the master database in
appropriate format.  Curt has agreed to use the data on the TaxiDraw site
for scenery rebuilding, so this should be a fairly reliable method to see
your work in FlightGear.  See for details.


Changes from 0.1.1:

In brief:

* Work in progress now saved to a project file.
* Full support for reading and writing X-Plane data format.
* Default data format and default data locations can be set as persistant
* Editable Beacons locations (can also be exported to FlightGear).
* Bug-fixes.

In Full:

* Work in progress is now saved by default to a TaxiDraw Project (.tpj)
file.  This contains the airport definition (previously stored in the .twy
file) plus the path to any loaded background image, plus the image
calibration (previously stored in the .cal file).

* Full support for reading and writing X-Plane data has been added.  Data
locations for both FlightGear and X-Plane data can be configured in
"Airports->Raw Data Options", and the default import format set.  TaxiDraw
will save the airport definition part of the project file in the same
format as which it was imported.  Export functions are provided to export
the finished work in either format.  Note that both formats contain some
fields not supported by the other.  It is recommended that anyone who wants
to submit their work to the master database downloads the latest X-Plane
data from Robin's site ( and works from
that.  You still need to export as X-Plane data before sending it in, since
he can't import TaxiDraw Project files.  It is still possible to export
files previously generated from FGFS data (eg .twy files) to X-Plane format
without loss.  If an X-Plane data location is set, then when a .twy or
other FGFS-data derived file is loaded and then exported as X-Plane format,
TaxiDraw will offer to scan the X-Plane data and fill in any missing
fields, thus generating a 'proper' X-Plane data file.

* Default data format and data locations can now be persistantly specified.
 Previously, it was necessary to have runways.dat in the working directory.
 The location of X-Plane and FlightGear data files can now be specified
under Airports->Raw Data Options, the default format (FG or XP) set, and
this will be remembered between sessions.  Note that it is still necessary
to unzip the data files before TaxiDraw can use them, so you can't simply
set the data location to the FlightGear base airport data location without

* Beacon locations can be changed, and changed locations will be written
out to the final file.  Beacons cannot be locked at present, so be carefull
not to inadvertantly move them.  Changed beacon locations can also be
exported to the FlightGear scenery tree (changing the relevant .stg file).
The changes should then be immediately available in FlightGear.  I am not
sure how well this will work in practice since the elevation is not changed
by TaxiDraw, so at non-flat airports the beacon may end up either suspended
or submerged.

* There is better warning of overwriting files, or of discarding changes
without saving.

* The following user-reported bugs have been fixed:
File->Exit didn't exit.
Pressing cancel when prompted to enter an image scale during calibration
didn't work.
(Thanks to T. Jelliffe for reporting those).

* Many minor bugs have been fixed.  These were mostly uninitialised
variables / potential buffer overruns in sprintf / other potential memory
corruption / prevention of some illogical actions that would crash the
program.  Also some menu accelerator keys that didn't work have been fixed.


Unfortunately, Robin doesn't seem to have any data for download at the
moment.  Hence I've put the last set of X-Plane data up on my site
*temporarily*.  Please check back to Robin's site and download the updated
data when available.

Please report any bugs or annoyances with this version - in a few versions
down the line I intend publicise the program to X-Plane users, since I
personally think it's much better than World-Maker!  However, I want to get
the major glitches out (and support for Windows users to use the background
image downloader in) first. 

Have fun,

Cheers - Dave

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