On Monday 11 October 2004 10:37, Jon Stockill wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:
> > Martin Spott wrote:
> >>This patch is great - it works and it significantly
> >> increases the frame rate on a simple Linux-PC (old 600 MHz
> >> PentiumIII with Radeon9200) from 4-5 to 7-8 fps on the
> >> default location,
> >
> > With the recent display list changes things now settle at
> > stable 10 fps. I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who
> > participated in this tremendous improvement(s) !
> crease + display list = WOW!
> I've gone from 3-4FPS at KSFO in the C172 to a rock solid 12 -
> this seems to be limited by the instruments, because turning
> the view, or selecting an external view gets 25-35, even with
> all those models around. I've NEVER seen FlightGear run so
> smoothly.
> The fact that a forward cockpit view is so stable (it doesn't
> matter how many models you point the aircraft at) makes
> landings at KSFO really smooth, where they used to be almost
> impossible before because the frame rate was so unpredictable.
> Thanks to all who contributed.

The crease patch works well for me here but the DList patch seems 
to result in a consistent seg fault.

I suspect it's due to the ATI Linux drivers for my Radeon 9200.

Can anyone else running Linux with a Radeon 9xxx series card, 
using ATI's drivers confirm if it works for them?



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