On Tuesday 12 October 2004 15:27, Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> Simon Hollier a écrit :
> >I'm running 9200/Linux/DRI drivers... the crease patch was great
> > (thanks!). The DList patch gives me a frame rate of around 0.2 fps when I
> > look at any objects or change the view... it might as well segfault.  I
> > don't use the ATI drivers on Linux because they are way too buggy
> > (artifacts,performance,..)... not even worth testing until ATI releases
> > new drivers again.
> >
> >Wishing I had chosen Nvidia so I could enjoy DLists :>,
> Forgot the Dlist patch that was posted on the list by Erik and get the
> all new 0.9.6 or CVS
> -Fred

This was CVS ( plib,simgear,flightgear) as of yesterday with the simgear DList 


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