Simon Hollier wrote:

> Running gprof(5 seconds of flightgear after loadup) shows 100+ milllion 
> calls to std::Deque_iterator of FGTileEntry, and std::deque of FGTileEntry 
> and FGDefferedModel. My system swaps like mad even with 512M.

This could be a sensible reason for your crippled frame-rate with
FlightGear. FlightGear is still a memory hog but it runs fine with 512
MByte of RAM (I definitely know this because I'm running it with 512
MByte as well).

> I still wish I had bought Nvidia ;> 

This sort of 'advertisement' is misleading because it bases on
incorrect assumptions. Better get your system right before posting such

I admit that the Radeon 'r200' DRI driver in XFree86 had some drawbacks
in the past, XFre86-4.3 release even shipped with a driver with
significant (and obvious) bugs that made it completely unsusuable with
FlightGear. Later in a bug-fixed version that was shipped by SuSE there
still was some texture flickering in certain cases but these issues
have already been ironed out in Xorg.
Now there are lots of interesting improvements on the 'r200' DRI driver
in DRI/Xorg these days,

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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