Simon Hollier wrote:

> If you want to spend your time hacking your system for the sake of DRI/ 
> CVS...ATI is your choice! 
> If you want to be up and running in 20 minutes without hassle and are 
> willing to use closed source drivers...NVidia is your choice! 

Please let me rephrase because you obviously didn't get the point: It
is _not_ necessary to eploy a NVidia card to "be up and running in 20
minutes without hassle". This also works with stock XFree86 et least as
shipped with SuSE-9.0. I ran the whole stuff without modifying X11 as
well and it works fine for me (including DList-improvement).
Maybe you should better have a look who claims that much memory on your
system that makes it "swaps like mad even with 512M".

> Yes, hard locking is an interesting drawback.  I chose ATI because of the 
> existence of the DRI driver. I'm grateful to the DRI folk for providing what 
> they have, but I remain unsympathetic to ATI for their complete lack of 
> decent support. 
> Glad to hear it. I'm sure everyone using an ATI card will be in a position 
> to run and get the latest 

You don't need to compile X11 yourself. SuSE never shipped the broken
XFree86-4.3 stuff,

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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