On Wednesday 13 October 2004 16:51, Martin Spott wrote:
> Simon Hollier wrote:
> > > My guess is that display lists are stored in the graphics cards memory
> > > which is not that big with 32MB. That leads to graphics memory
> > > allocated via agp in main memory. These accesses seem to be much
> > > slower. The dri driver might be screwed up too???
> >
> > I'm fairly sure that's the case...
> Mathias, he will _never_ learn as long as someone provides the
> 'required' pattern for whining  :-)
> I already told him that the SuSE's DRI driver indeed works but he
> refuses to grasp that,

..or rather my video card refuses to grasp that.

It's too bad that you telling me something works doesn't make it work or we'd 
be friends for life, well that and if you weren't also an a$$hole.
I'm not whining, just reporting results considering it's a new release, many 
people have 9200's, and some of those people might be running Suse 9.1.

I'll look into a SuSE rpm...


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