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* Mathias Fröhlich -- Wednesday 13 October 2004 21:30:

My guess is that display lists are stored in the graphics cards memory which is not that big with 32MB. That leads to graphics memory allocated via agp in main memory. These accesses seem to be much slower. The dri driver might be screwed up too???

So for gpu's with little memory this might be the problem?

Very interesting. I've got a nvidia 440 MX and I observed several times recently
that when I flew the Hunter from KLAX to KSFO the system used up more and more
memory, until it started swapping more and more and I had to stop. "top" didn't
show me which process caused that, which I found quite strange. Was it the
nvidia kernel module then, storing more and more dlists in main memory? (This
was categorized as "user" memory, though, not "system".)

I haven't looked closely at the display list stuff. Are we being careful to free the display lists when we free the associated objects and remove them from the scene graph? Is this something that plib should automatically handle (but maybe isn't because we are the first to stress test it?)


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