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I haven't looked closely at the display list stuff. Are we being careful to free the display lists when we free the associated objects and remove them from the scene graph? Is this something that plib should automatically handle (but maybe isn't because we are the first to stress test it?)

IIRC we had several releases that used display lists for scenery tiles
and IIRC we never saw a pronlem. Then again we didn't see much of a speedup if any because back then having a 32 meg GFX card was a BIG deal.

And most likely at the time, most cards didn't support display lists in hardware so the the driver had to fake it using the cpu and main memory which doesn't buy you a whole lot over doing it yourself in main memory with the cpu. Either way, all the data still had to blast across the bus every frame.

But to be honest I don't know that we actually ever used display lists, *unless* it was extremely early in the project before we got onboard with plib/ssg.



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