* Curtis L. Olson -- Wednesday 13 October 2004 23:47:
> I haven't looked closely at the display list stuff.  Are we being 
> careful to free the display lists when we free the associated objects 
> and remove them from the scene graph?  Is this something that plib 
> should automatically handle (but maybe isn't because we are the first to 
> stress test it?)

No, it doesn't look like plib accumulated DLists. I flew the Hunter again
from KLAX to KSFO along the coast, then quite a while heading W, into the

  KLAX, right after taking off:      22k  (i.e.: 22.000 DLists)
  coast:                       avg. ~18k  (13K--22k, depending on the
                                           terrain; peaks at 30k)
  KSFO:                              27k
  heading W, slowly falling to:       9k
  exiting from fgfs:              2960

The final 2960 DLists were not freed via glDeleteLists. But in any case:
the DLists weren't the cause for excessive memory consumption. It could
have been problems with KDE's artsdsp.


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