Vassilii Khachaturov wrote:

Are there ways to make FGFS render its view as a 3D "red/blue" picture,
i.e. where the rendering of each frame is done twice, once for each eye
(i.e. slightly offset view) and with some colors filtered for each half?

Is it possible by pure configuration (what should I look at then?)

You would have to draw the scene twice ... once shaded blue and once shaded red from different perspectives with partial transparency each time. I'm not sure how easy that would be to do, certainly you would need to dig in the code to make it happen.

Perhaps you could leverage two computers with two lcd projectors, put a red filter on one lense and a blue filter on the other lense (or clip the RG lines on one vga cable and the BG cables on the other?), draw each scene from a slightly different persective, and then project both scenes onto the same screen?

You could do something similar with polarized light and two projectors and glasses where each lense filters out light that is orthogonal to the other lense. I've seen that done ... the projectors are cheap and alignment is a pain, but the result can be quite effective.



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