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> Chris Metzler wrote:
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>> "Norman Vine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>OK here you go :-)
>> Completely independently of this conversation right now, 
> lol, Norman: we scared him ! :-)

Not exactly; I just don't have anything useful to add to that topic.

>> I'd just like
>> to give my opinion that this document is, for participants in mailing
>> lists and Usenet newsgroups, absolutely 100% essential reading.  
> agreed, at least if they are new to online discussions ...

Actually, I think it's useful period.  I first read it years ago; but
still today, when I post things, I often do so while looking at that
document, trying to see how I can make life easier on my readers.

>> People get guided to it a lot on the debian-user mailing list --
>> because even when simply asking questions of other users, following
>> the ideals set out in this document make things better for everyone
>> involved, including oneself.
> Are you indirectly suggesting to add references to these documents to
> the FlightGear mailing list webpage on flightgear.org ? :-)

Of course not.  It'd likely be of value, sure; but so would a lot of other
things, and everybody's really busy, and that's bound to be comparatively
low on anybody's priority list.  If I start making lots and lots and
lots of suggestions to other people about things that they should go and
do -- no matter how good my ideas are -- it's going to get really


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