Boris Koenig wrote:
Jon Stockill wrote:

It's not feasible to dynamically modify the scenery (not in the short term anyway),

yes, that's what I believe meanwhile, too

however, creating a seperate scenery tree with just the airports in the Objects tree would achieve one of your goals -

Right, the separation of airports from the scenery would only be
one thing, that would be nice, but I see - obviously this would
require a lot of manual work, maybe it could possibly automatized
by stripping all airports of the current scenery and putting them
into new archives ?

It'd be very easy to do - you'd just archive the scenery after running genapts, when all that exists is airports.

I don't know enough about the format for scenery, though -
are airports specifically marked ?

Yes, they're generated seperately.

So, this would probably mean that every airport needs to be put into
a subfolder within the right coordinates ?

Yes, but this is done by the scenery build anyway.

It would indeed seem alright if I can easily obtain the necessary
details from the original scenery - otherwise it would still consume
scenery space for each individual airport, whereas dynamically creating
the same airports at those coordinates would simply require only ONE
set of objects to be used ?

You'd have 3d models of *just* the airports. You can't create them dynamically without knowing the underlying terrain - airports are not completely flat.

I like the approach that you're suggesting, it's certainly less
involved and time-consuming than really enabling "on-the-fly" ;-)
modifcation by default, I will have to check the scenerey for the
format that is used, in order to see if I can easily strip the
relevant airports off the original scenery.

You'd need terrain data, the airports list, and genapts from terragear.

Jon Stockill

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