While I was in my university's library this morning, I saw a book with a title 
along the line of "Introduction to Air Traffic Control".  The book seems to 
go into great details regarding air traffic mangement.  I was doing some 
other research at the time, so I didn't copy down the book's title or its 
ISBN number.

I also saw a book on FMC, as well as Flight Controls.  The latter contains 
many block diagrams, mostly on the 777.

The point is, check your local library first before you go bug the real 
controllers.  It will be better if you can come up with specific questions 
from the book instead of asking the controllers generic questions; it is 
going to save time for both you and the real controllers.


On September 25, 2004 03:53 pm, Boris Koenig wrote:
> regarding the experts that would be required: this shouldn't be SUCH
> a problem, as they can probably be easily found in various
> aviation newsgroups/forums, also IVAO/VATSIM themselves provide
> forums, where you can often times find real controllers.
> And then there's a lot of freely available documentation
> available...

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